Friends of the Electric Fountain Fund

After delighting generations of Denver citizens and visitors with dramatic water displays and dynamically changing colored lights at night, the Prismatic Electric Fountain in Ferril Lake at Denver City Park fell into disrepair, reduced to an unchanging display of water. Eventually even that display was shut down and the fountain was seemingly forgotten.

The Friends of the Electric Fountain was formed by Larry Kerecman to assist the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation to help bring this wonderful source of great family memories back to life. Working with Dick Gannon at the DPR on a volunteer basis, he helped get the reconstruction of the Electric Fountain vault included in the Montclair Storm Water Improvement Project. This saved a significant amount of money since Ferril Lake was drained for the Montclair project.

The new fountain vault, pipelines and the center geyser nozzle were installed and operating during the summer of 2007.

We celebrated the centennial of the dedication of the 1908 Prismatic Electric Fountain on May 30, 2008 with a demonstration of the first water features and lighting of the new fountain to be completed.

A total reconstruction of the concrete fountain vault, the labyrinth of plumbing and nozzles and multi-color lights brought back the Electric Fountain to all of its full 1908 glory and beyond. Fountain shows featuring the dramatic interplay of water and light returned to Denver City Park on August 19, 2008 when the 2008 Electric Fountain was dedicated with a crowd of over 700 people attending.

The Friends of the Electric Fountain Fund has been established to underwrite the cost of the final items needed to complete the new fountain and to establish an endowment to pay for the replacement of major operating equipment over the expected 75-100 year lifetime of the new fountain.

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