Electric Fountain Vault Deck

Diagram of the Vault Deck

Fountain vault deck with center geyser
The fountain vault deck as it looked during the summer of 2007. The water feeds coming through the 16" thick concrete from the distribution pipes and valves in the vault below are capped off, waiting for the nozzle manifolds and lights to be installed. The center geyser, seen shooting about five feet into the air in this photo, was the only nozzle installed and operating in during the first season of the new fountain.
Fountain vault deck with plumbing
The fountain vault deck in December, 2008, showing the intricate maze of plumbing required to produce the various shapes of the different water effects. Due to the high cost of brass at the time the new fountain was built, the plumbing and nozzles are made of steel, which has been treated to prevent rust. The open submarine hatch into the interior of the vault can be seen at the right. The intake structure (which supplies lake water to the irrigation system and the fountain) and the maintenance building housing the pumps are seen at the top of the photo.
Installing fountain vault deck features
A construction progress meeting and work session is held on the fountain deck. From left to right: Bob Nickerson, 4-Axis Machining; Roger Lopez, Encore Electric; Larry Kerecman (in baseball cap), Control Dimensions, John McGovern (back to camera), Encore Electric; Dick Gannon (back to camera), Parks and Recreation; Dean Schmith (in background), Encore Electric; Ken Beard (in life jacket) and Mark Gunderson (sitting on finial), Parsons Engineering.
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